Starting school at Wilsonburg Elementary School, in Harrison County, in 1970 through 1977, my family lived 1 mile from the school. My brothers and sister would walk to and from school every day unless the weather was bad and we would then ride the school bus for the short trip. We would walk the rail road tracks, skip rocks in the creek and pick black berries along the way. Those memories are still very dear to me.

At Gore Junior High I spent 3 years excelling through school. Mon and Dad had gotten a divorce and I lived with Mom and my brother Scott lived with Dad. My sister and other two brothers had begun working and marriage. I cherished the times at Gore because I was able to spend time with my brother.

Liberty High School just outside of Clarksburg is where my child hood education ended. Cheerleading, honor society and studies kept me very busy. Soon thereafter I became a mother to Jeremiah then three years later to Nick.

Raising the children and working was at times overwhelming, but by far the best job that I ever had. When Nick was in high school, I attended Fairmont State College and obtained my Paramedic certification, ending with a 4.0 GPA. In 2009, I attended Marshall University and obtained my Critical Care Transport Paramedic, also receiving a 4.0 GPA.

In 2010 my Mother had brain surgery.  She had lived with my husband and I for several years so we brought her home in a vegetative state. I continued to work with her and she was able to do simple basic life skill tasks, which amazed her doctors. SHe was considered a total care and I had reesponsibility of her care in the evenings, nights and weekends until she passed away in August 2012. She always wanted me to continue my education and get a college degree. Unfortunately, I had taken care of someone my entire adult life and this left little time for me. After she was gone, I decided it was time to get a formal education.

I enrolled into Glenville State College and obtained my Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in 2015. Then I enrolled into Capella University and obtained my Master degree in Public Safety in May 2017. I maintained a 3.89 GPA throughout the program.  Currently I am pursuing my Doctorate degree in Emergency Management. I completed my prerequisite courses at North Central University with a 3.8 GPA last week and will begin Capella University in Feb. 2018. I plan on graduating on time in February 2020 with a Doctorate in Emergency Management focusing on Public Safety.

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