Presentation #1

Barbour County Democratic Committee hosted the meet the candidate night on Friday, March 9, 2018, at Taj Moe Hall Banquet Hall.

Democrats who are running for a variety of offices were present. Each candidate announced who they were, and what 3 things they wish to address or accomplish in office. Since the time frame was limited, I wanted to address the topics that time would not allow.

I introduction:
*  My name is Cindy Hart.

* I am a Democrat running for the office of Barbour   County Commission.

* I am married to Mike Hart, have two grown sons and 7 grandchildren; plus two Yorkies.

* Currently, I am an employee of the Randolph County Commission as the 911 Director and Emergency Manager.

* I have over twenty years’ experience working with a variety of county officials and thirty plus years working in the Emergency Medical field.

* I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Applied Sciences, my Master Degree in Public Safety, and I am currently pursuing my Doctorate degree in Emergency Management.

“Three things that I want to address or accomplish.”

1. In a conversation the other day, I asked a local business owner; “If 10 people came in to fill out an application, how many would pass a drug test?” The answer to “Maybe 1”, scared me. Everyone wants to bring jobs to Barbour County – and I do too. But first, we need to create and maintain a workforce. How do we accomplish this? Much needed is an alternative other than turning to drugs.  Then we need to encourage the families and the communities to work with the teachers to ensure that every child gets the best education possible. The teachers do a wonderful job, but they need help and support from the parents, communities and the Board of Education to help achieve this goal. Now after developing educated, successful individuals, bring businesses into Barbour County. We will have a workforce strong enough to make the businesses prosperous and keep our children in Barbour County.  A drug-free – productive Barbour County.

2. County Government spending habits and loss of grant opportunities. Where is the money being spent? No one seems to know. The citizens do not have a voice in what is spent and that is wrong. The county citizens should be aware of every dime that is been spent. The three representatives (The County Commissioners) are an extension of the people. They are voted into office to be the representative for their district. Unfortunately, a select few, forget that and do whats best for themselves. The self-centered, self-satisfaction beliefs are no place for a public office. The commissioners need to be held accountable for their actions, lack of actions and spending habits. Also, lost opportunities for grants. Why is Barbour County not seeking these funds? Why is Barbour County not following through with grants that they were awarded? The other counties are reaping the benefits from these thousands of dollars. We, as the citizens, need to hold these officials more accountable. I would implore the current commission to answer these  by giving straight, honest answers to the spending habits and the unwillingness to seek alternative funding. 

3. Abusing power. This has been an ongoing problem in Barbour County for many years. We have lost good, hardworking people because of the lack of effective leadership. We cannot continue to bully, threaten, verbal abuse and torment people to appease certain individuals with authority. This is not only morally wrong, to act in such a childish way, it is illegal to create such a hostile work environment.  Enough!!!

I want to say a very special Thank You to the ones who are supporting me. This has not been an easy task, but major changes are needed for our County to move forward and get out of the stagnant rut that it has been in. I AM the person that has the fortitude and drive to make the needed changes!

If you would like to know more or ask me a question, please visit my website:; read the information or fill out the form and I will get back with you as soon as I can. 

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